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All my location hunting posts for Sherlock can be found here and are grouped by Series and Episode.  Meta-analysis posts are listed at the end.

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Isle of Man

My parents (78 and 86 years old respectively, and both rather creaky, one with back trouble, the other badly arthritic) were on the Isle of Man last week to visit family and friends. I flew over in the middle of the week to give a hand and generally look after them, but I did get to do some walking and took some photos of waterfalls. You don't get many waterfalls in East Anglia. This is Glen Maye which was owned by the grandfather of dad's unofficial second family. It's now owned by Manx National Heritage.


I also got to play with shutter speed a bit too:



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More walking along Breydon Water

You might have heard on the news recently about the two bodies found on Breydon Water.Unfortunately and I don't think we've heard anything more about why they ended up there either. That was on the other side of the water where I was walking last time. This time I was walking further up from there heading inland to Fritton.

Another view of Berney Arms mill


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Another green man and a green lady

When we were in Norwich last week I nipped back into St Peter Mancroft to photo the other green man I missed and realised there were actually two. One is another grinning tongue poker but interestingly there also seems to be a 'peeper' green lady. The date for beginning to build the church was 1433 which fits very well with the hairstyle she's wearing. Does look as if she has some woodworm though, I hope they have treated the church!


I've started to use my photos and truprint on-line card making facilities to make personalised cards for people. As JoJo is a Harry Potter fan I used The Gimp and the photo of an owl in Waterstones (which was there for the launch for The Cursed Child book launch).

As I've got time on my hands now I'm redundant I'm hoping to help out by volunteering at the local library. I thought I better come down and have a look at the computers to find out what I was looking into helping with and realised that the computer I am using is Chrome OS. Onedrive opens really quickly and I can edit book chapters better than I could at work. The only problem is I can't change the colour of the screen to help the dyslexia as I can't install extensions. I think that should be standard on all browsers and will say so when I talk to the person who is mentoring me. I'll have to remember to bring a coloured plastic sheet down with me; I found one this morning when I was tidying out the pile of books by my bed.
I walked along the Yare in August. Here are a few pictures.

Berney Arms Mill


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This is getting silly


That's right ... there are FIVE of the blighters in there. We seem to have worked out where where they came from - a neighbour moved something from outside their flat and I think they have taken refuge around my outside light.I have given up and swept all around my windows and doors an sprayed fly spray over everthing. Hopefully that is now it.


Of spiders and scammers

I really seem to be a sitting duck today. Not only (as I reported on Facebook) have I had TWO Noble False Widow spiders (Steatoda nobilis)in the flat overnight but this morning I had a scam phone call from India again too. This time it claimed to be Angela from Talk Talk (my internet provider) and something about patchy internet. While we do have that here in Lowestoft sometimes (being at the end of the line and all that) it was the thick Indian accent that alerted me to something fishy. I only chatted with the person for a few minutes as I refused to access my windows computer and they seemed completely thick about the fact that Linux doesn't really have virus problems. No rudeness this time, the woman just put the phone down. They were also thick enough not to block the phone number they were ringing from which was 0016508695923. Here's what a quick google found about them and I reported them to Talk Talk and will be ready for them should they ring again. I am presuming they have my number because of the TalkTalk hack a while back.



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