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All my location hunting posts for Sherlock can be found here and are grouped by Series and Episode.  Meta-analysis posts are listed at the end.

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Howick Hall

I'm back from a week in Northumberland and while we were up there I did a lot of gardening. I also got a few days out and on one of them we went to see the garden at Howick Hall which is where Earl Grey (of the tea fame) had his house in the country.


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garienos and I did our annual visit to Sutton Hoo yesterday and found a lot of House Martins had made nests around the outbuildings.


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Bit of excitement in Lowestoft yesterday

I had the Air Ambulance nearly end up on my roof last night. I'm also likely to be in the Lowestoft Journal next week after being interviewed and my photos being asked for. Why do they always ask you to state your age I wonder?

Thankfully the air support wasn't needed (and did some nifty mid-air reversing before flying off over the sea). The casualty was taken to the James Paget by road to fix a broken ankle. Interesting night photos with the camera too.


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Photographing trains

It's taken me five years living in this part of the world to realise that a £12 rail ticket will take me up to the north Norfolk coast in an hour and a half. You can also break you journey so it's possible to visit various places on the line and then jump back on to travel to somewhere else.

On Sunday I did Sheringham to photograph some of the preserved steam trains on the North Norfolk Railway for dad. He was a bit excited about Black Prince who was one of the last goods pulling trains to be built in the UK. She's a bit of a monster who can do 90 miles an hour should she fancy it.



Black Prince has a lady driver sometimes too



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A walk along the river Wensum

garienos dropped me in Waterloo Park today and I walked via Wensum Park along the river and back to meet him in central Norwich.


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Not a little red corvette

It's actually quite a large yellow courgette!


As I'm growing these in pots I usually pick them at about a finger's length so as not to stress the plants. This year the water retention gel and the plant food pellets I put in when I planted them seem to have done a good jod. The end one of the three plants was hiding this under one of its leaves.

(Hi! I'm back, now using Flikr and seemingly able to do similar things with my albums and photos as I used to be able to do on Picasa. May it long continue.)

Bye bye Picasa Web Albums

Google has been threatening to do this for a while and the fact I was having problems with uploading for the last couple of days should have alerted me. Today I can look at and delete uploaded photos in an 'album archive' but I'd have to move to Google Photos to do anything else. I don't want to as I can't post photos here (only to facebook and other social media) and I can't have the albums (or the photos in the albums) in the order I want them online. Time to make a move elsewhere.

I'm going to copy the last few albums I've created (the ones I've taken when I have been away on holiday and other recent ones) and stick them somewhere else where I can access them. First however I have to decide where things need to go; Photobucket seems a little clunky even if it is still where it always was and do I trust Flikr?

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and please be patient while I work this all out. Any suggestions from anyone who uses things other than Picasa?


Strange things you see in Lowestoft ...

There was this ... (I'm thinking of turning it onto a birthday card for a young cousin)

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I finally dug out my photos from 2010, this was in the side of the chapel I think, or at least where the house met it.



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