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Lots of hoar frost everywhere in the mornings and molehills you can break a toe on if you aren't careful!


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When you're in Lowestoft you are either walking up to your knees in bogs or on the beach at this time of the year.

My niece has yet another of my old cameras (the casing cracked but superglue fixed that) and was asking me about photographing light trails. I shall have to go to Norwich sometime if I want to practice that - the only place in Lowestoft I suppose is Station Square in rush-hour. What I did do today was play with shutter speed and waves on the beach. It was a tad too light (and a bit too low tide) but I sort-of managed the fashionable milky mill-pond effect you see in magazines. I was using both a 4 and and 8 ND filter screwed on together; I'll have to go back when it's cloudy and have another go. I don't get the urge to walk there in bad weather though (and we've not really had any storms this year I have had access to).


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We need cheering up, so have some photos

First day back to work for some, and a cold chilly January before us ... here's something to cheer us up. Yesterday garienos went to have a look at an antiques centre in Yoxford and I found out they had colourful chickens and woolly four footeds ...

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Jan. 1st, 2017

Just touched back down after a very busy Christmas that involved a lot of cooking, a 4 1/2 hour cleaning session on garienos' house and a trip to see his relatives in Lincolnshire. As I am an unemployed person claiming JobSeekers I also had to present myself at the Job Centre which was open between Christmas and New Year.

On one day when it was frosty I did get to go for a walk on the waterworks to get some photos. I met one of garienos' old colleagues who was worried about me not knowing about Chlorine. I of course do (bf did work there) and I assured them that if I did hear the alarm go off I had been told to leg it!

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Lowering cloud over Lowestoft


I went for a wander on to the waterworks behind where garienos lives so http://www.first-nature.com/fungi was rather helpful.

I am thinking these ones are parasol fungi (Macrolepiota procera) and the woods round the waterworks are full of them.



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Ferro-equinology on the Isle of Man

As I was explaining to someone as I was taking these,  may be a steam orphan but I'm one with a camera which I intend to use. I also have a father who can identify engines by the sound of their whistle. It's quite impressive watching him walking across the carpark at Port Erin Shoprite* and have him say, "That's Fenella," and hurry us both over to take a look.

She's a bit like a Victorian lady who gets the vapours (weak cylinders or something apparently) so she can only do light duty. Here she is reversing with the carriages put them away for the night.


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Isle of Man

My parents (78 and 86 years old respectively, and both rather creaky, one with back trouble, the other badly arthritic) were on the Isle of Man last week to visit family and friends. I flew over in the middle of the week to give a hand and generally look after them, but I did get to do some walking and took some photos of waterfalls. You don't get many waterfalls in East Anglia. This is Glen Maye which was owned by the grandfather of dad's unofficial second family. It's now owned by Manx National Heritage.


I also got to play with shutter speed a bit too:



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More walking along Breydon Water

You might have heard on the news recently about the two bodies found on Breydon Water.Unfortunately and I don't think we've heard anything more about why they ended up there either. That was on the other side of the water where I was walking last time. This time I was walking further up from there heading inland to Fritton.

Another view of Berney Arms mill


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