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All my location hunting posts for Sherlock can be found here and are grouped by Series and Episode.  Meta-analysis posts are listed at the end.

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St Mary's Haddiscoe

My camera had an accident when I put my foot down a pothole which I've spoken to Norfolk County Council about. They claim no liability but had I not had my walking boots on they would have been dealing with a broken ankle probably.

I bought another camera of the same sort of Amazon Marketplace and must say I am happy with it - better focusing and a better viewfinder. I also need to work out how to get the wifi to move images from it to my ipad.

Last weekend we sent to have a look at Haddiscoe church so I could photograph the round tower. Here it is.


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Ferro-equinology in Sheringham

I'd forgotten I had these, and am posting them now as I was reminded about them during a discussion about fandom with Dr Duffett. I need to explain to him that we can be fans of 'things' and have parasocial interaction with them just like characters in a TV show. The Isle of Man Steam Railway trains are like family pets in our family. Dad even has a photo of number 13 (Kissack) on his desk.


The photos of this green engine are from the North Norfolk Railway. Dad got quite excited as the engines had steam workings altered to work in the tunnels in London - the steam was recirculated in the piping visible to make it less steamy for people working on the trains.

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Enchanted Felbrigg Take 2

We went back for more spiced apple juice and to see it in the dark ...


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Something a JVJ said to me recently made want to compare the size of the different Rue Plumet gates in different productions. I chose the last scene when it's used (I wanted to see how they put it back in storage) but then I realised the way I'd seen it acted in 1987, and as it's done in London now, is very different to how they did it in Germany in the 2000s. Let's have a look.

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I've been having some interesting conversations with fans and actors about Les Mis. Realised, due to this, the comparative staging meta is going to be a thing - let's start from the beginning. My handwriting is not as decent as when I was writing essays at Manchester Poly! Now I'm back studying this I can take notes on the computer rather than doing he old style paper and pencil.

Have some more screen shots.

Prequel ...

I talk a lot about intertextuality in Media Studies - media texts referencing other shows / TV productions / novels etc in their story. Les Mis does it too, referencing other versions/adaptations/the original book. This is not done in the Classic productions (the ones based on the London Palace Theatre version) but the 'derivative' productions that sometimes get put on do it a lot. Hugo talks about the the red smocks convicts wear in the Bagne at Toulon. Since the 2012 film referenced this theatre directors have been doing this too.

Magdeburgh, Germany 2013

Mag LD

Village Theatre, Everett, Washington USA, 2014 (good off-Broadway production this with some fine acting)

Village LD

Now onto doing the 30 years comparison thing using Classic production clips:

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Enchanted Felbrigg

This weekend [profile] garienos and I went to see the Enchanted Felbrigg thing at the National Trust property near Cromer.


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As some people might realise, for article writing, I've fallen back down the rabbit hole of Theatre Fandom. With the aid of YouTube providing live recorded videos and bit of genning up I've learnt a lot that I didn't know about Les Miserables.

The performances I'm using are from:

London, Palace Theatre 1987
Duisburgh, Germany 1999
Berlin, Germany 2004
London, Queens Theatre 2016

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A moment of Autumnal calm

We've had a miserable November with lots of grey days and no let-up to the gloom. Yesterday I managed to get out and about and take some photos of the lovely golden leaves behind where [profile] garienos lives.


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Firefox keeps logging me out of everything for some reason and I've spent today having to continually log back into Facebook, LJ and Tumblr. Anyway, photos of a walk up the old railway track while I was up north looking after mum and her replaced hip.


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