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All my location hunting posts for Sherlock can be found here and are grouped by Series and Episode.  Meta-analysis posts are listed at the end.

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Firefox keeps logging me out of everything for some reason and I've spent today having to continually log back into Facebook, LJ and Tumblr. Anyway, photos of a walk up the old railway track while I was up north looking after mum and her replaced hip.


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I was up in Newcastle a week ago looking after my mum after she'd had a hip replaced. Apart from walking down to the village (and one trip into town) I was mostly stuck indoors. I did get a walk round the back to via Eland Hall and was surprised to find a lot of it was hardcore path because it had become a National Cycle Route. The farmer nearer home was using a quadbike and his sheepdog to move some sheep around.


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While I was in Newcastle last week Jasper Hamster had to go to the vet to be euthanised. He'd got immobile and incontinent and it really wasn't nice to let him carry on that way. I waited until I got home to Lowestoft to replace hin and went out this morning to Pets at Home to see what they had in the line of small and furries . I came home with Jekyll who needed to be re-homed and who is so called because he has two different coloured eyes and had bitten someone. Since he's been here I've been handling him quite happily (yes, he even let me check his teeth to see if his teeth were overgrown causing a need to bite for some reason). I am also thinking of renaming him as I don't think Jekyll suits him. As I seem to be on a Les Miserables thing at the moment I may well go for Javert. I can then, when I come in from a night out (or when he gets up later on in the day) sing " Good evening dear Inspector, lovely evening my dear" at him and it will fit :-P

Here's a photo of the resident rodent looking onto a sunbeam and showing both his two different coloured eyes and his whiskers. I think the pink eye is because he's partly white coated and partly cinnamon which are both albino in their genetics.


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Butterflies enjoying the ivy flowers

There were six of these Red Admirals on some ivy which grows over a wall near my flat.


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Here's to you and here's to them

People who know me on Social Media will have heard I'm researching for some possible articles for Media Magazine. I also seem to have fallen rather badly back down the rabbit hole into Les Miserables fandom. I am running hard to catch up with 30 years of fan, cast, performance, technology and (most importantly) libretto changes.

I'm taking time out get this typed up for my own sanity. I can sing several different versions of lyrics that no-longer exist, and so many lines have been changed or dropped since it opened (and in the versions they are singing now) I could go really mad having them all running around in my head. To explain my history with the words from the show, fan friends and I originally collected them with help from the cast and recordings we got in various ways. I typed it out six months in advance of it officially being published, something which we were very proud of. Then I had to hand annotate after the Broadway changes came to us in 1987 and a fair chunk was changed.

That hard copy got lost during in the last 30 years through various house moves and floods / mouse attacks etc. Thank Goddess for YouTube and those naughty people who've recorded in theatres and have posted their collections over the years. I am NOT handling the 2012 film version (yet) as that is a very much cut and rewritten version which I will have to rant about in another post.

Today (as it's really nasty weather outside) I'm working on the Love Montage at the end of Act One. It's complicated enough in that I had thought there were three versions of this to track down but seemingly I am wrong.  I have located another version that pre-dates Broadway and must be the tidied up version we heard at the Palace.  Wish me luck and I'll see you at the other side.

Autumnal beach

Washing day at Lowestoft lighthouse.


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A springy plant from the Botanic Garden

Autumn gives a second chance to photograph crocuses - Colchicum autumnale which is used to cure Gout apparently. Before I show you those photos have one of a very strange plant in the alpine house. Not sure at all what this one was but it looks like metal springs when you have it as b/w.


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What's New Pussycat?

People on Facebook have seen the photos I took of this cat with my phone but I also used the Fuji and took these. He (she?) is often seen sitting on the bench next to the loos at Cambridge Botanic. I am thinking this is because it's secluded, but lots of people come past who can give a stroke.

The loos are round the back of the greenhouse range.


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A few last photos of summer

Pigs don't need suncream, they just apply their own mud pack.


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