I've been a bit not here as I recently spent three weeks looking after mum after her hip resection (they replaced the top bit on one done ten years ago). That didn't give me much time for getting out and about (and I had to learn uphill starts again as I was main driver and have been in Norfolk too long) but ...

Grass seed heads with the sun behind them

2018-05-26 18.10.34

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Spring has arrived in Norwich

But it seems to be about two weeks behind things. The magnolias at The Great Hospital were out but only just. Still worth photographing though.

Say hello to the pollinating beetle waving at you below. He's demonstrating how ancient these type of blooms really are. There are fossil records and they evolved before flying insects and the need for very light pollen.



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Cathedral being very gothic horror

On Saturday I went up to Norwich Cathedral to buy soap. I know that sounds daft but I'm allergic to everything. This particular type doesn't cause a problem and only local National Trust and the Cathedral shop sell it. As it was a very quiet, cold, dark afternoon in Lent there wasn't anyone in the cathedral precincts at all. Just right for the setting of an M R James horror story, and of course they did film The Stalls of Barchester here in 1972.


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I had a bit of a walk around Dunwich today and was glad of the walking boots. Despite a lot of the footpaths being on heathland there was a lot of clarty mud about. I also came across a pheasant leck ...




St Mary's Haddiscoe

My camera had an accident when I put my foot down a pothole which I've spoken to Norfolk County Council about. They claim no liability but had I not had my walking boots on they would have been dealing with a broken ankle probably.

I bought another camera of the same sort of Amazon Marketplace and must say I am happy with it - better focusing and a better viewfinder. I also need to work out how to get the wifi to move images from it to my ipad.

Last weekend we sent to have a look at Haddiscoe church so I could photograph the round tower. Here it is.


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Ferro-equinology in Sheringham

I'd forgotten I had these, and am posting them now as I was reminded about them during a discussion about fandom with Dr Duffett. I need to explain to him that we can be fans of 'things' and have parasocial interaction with them just like characters in a TV show. The Isle of Man Steam Railway trains are like family pets in our family. Dad even has a photo of number 13 (Kissack) on his desk.


The photos of this green engine are from the North Norfolk Railway. Dad got quite excited as the engines had steam workings altered to work in the tunnels in London - the steam was recirculated in the piping visible to make it less steamy for people working on the trains.

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